December 5, 2020

List Of 9 Dedicated Web Hosting Providers Of This Year

Joann Henry

Basically, dedicated hosting is currently renting a physical host at the provider’s data center that’s exclusively for the use.

Dedicated hosting is very similar to Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting, however, the principal distinction is the servers have use of greater RAM than VPS servers.

Dedicated servers are dispersed from each other, giving you the freedom to configure your own servers how that you require.

One additional benefits are full-access control, absolute solitude, and ensured host tools based on your own hosting plan. Moreover, dedicated servers’ operation does a fantastic job of maintaining your site stable and predictable.

If you should be somebody who needs hosting to get high traffic sites, subsequently dedicated hosting will be the ideal alternative for you personally.

Throughout our inspection procedure, we concentrated on these aspects when evaluation the hosting suppliers around our listing:

  • Features included together using all the foundation programs
  • Up-time and rate functionality
  • Pricing arrangement
  • Customer service experience

Let us look at several of the greatest dedicated hosting options available on the market.

Liquid Web delivers a more trustworthy and lightning-fast dedicated hosting agency. It comes armed with servers that are powerful along with heaps of useful features to maintain your web sites at the very top performance.

Liquid Internet has datacenters in the united states and EU, offering a stable connection for people in the regions. Performance-wise, we’ve quantified their rate to become the speediest among the list by having a mean of ~360ms. Their up time has been nearly flawless, using 99.99percent and just two seconds of downtime within the last two weeks.

Liquid Internet provides dedicated servers using Linux and Windows settings. But be ready to fork out extra to your Windows configuration for a typical.

The disc with the least expensive plan isn’t so amazing with 480GB, nevertheless the default option SSD disc constitutes to this taking into consideration that the rate. Additionally, you have the choice to upgrade to a greater space when you require it. Additionally, you acquire an individual dedicated ip address with the most economical plan.

The principal features include root and SSH access, real-time tracking, standard DDoS security, and applications RAID1 having a 1TB Single SATA HDD backup drive as well as this strategy. Additionally, you receive an extra plus of CloudFlare CDN addition to increase your articles’ delivery rate to returning traffic.


Liquid Internet offers 24/7 chat and phone service with every strategy. Additionally, they guarantee that a 59-second preliminary answer, they maintained whenever we reached out to their own assistance.

After the original reply, the subsequent questions have answered in several minutes. The service is knowledgeable in their hosting plans and moves an additional measure to ascertain that hosting solutions is the ideal fit for their own job.

In general, Liquid Internet’s support is quite helpful, considerate, and fast to answer your questions or concerns.


There is no yearly payment potential. The cheapest prices are for heart controlled or managed plans. Anyway, in addition, you need to pay an extra $35/month for a cPanel permit, which may make monthly obligations quite pricey.

If you are searching to obtain yourself a separate server at the EU, you are confronting higher rates, however, lower operation on the internet servers in contrast to US plans.

Every plan includes a 100% up time guarantee. Regrettably, Spyware Internet does not provide you any money-back guarantees.

In motion features dedicated servers using extra layers of security to shield your internet sites against malware which can come as a default option using their plans. They have exemplary features and performance, making them of the many greatest dedicated serves in our checklist.

Their servers are situated just in the united states, however, their bandwidth and performance are all top-notch. On the previous two weeks, their average rate was ~460ms having a near-perfect 99.98percent uptime.

In motion offers Linux server setup just, however they will have thrown into a completely free cPanel and WHM to sweeten the price. Most their servers have been handled to offer you more spare time for development as opposed to keeping your servers ready to go.

Additionally, you have the choice to choose from an SSD along with HDD discs with 500GB and 1TB of distance, respectively. In the event, you never require the area, then proceed with all the SSD options for better performance.

Taking a look at the features is really where in-motion starts to shine. Besides the completely totally free cPanel access advantage cited previously, you obtain your typical origin and SSH access, DDoS security, and computer software RAID. Additionally, they do automatic updates onto your own server included in supplying controlled server programs.


The reply timing of these services is equally striking. The follow-up questions additionally have replied fast, and this also demonstrates they just take support very badly.

The agents are rather knowledgeable and will help you with any concerns or questions you may have. But some answers have been obscure in the beginning, however they got to additional information with followup questions.

In general, in motion’s service supplies an excellent customer care experience.


Even the plans begin with $139.99per month using a yearly commitment or by $159.99per month if you should be more comfortable to pay for per month. Now you have the choice of a 30day money-back guarantee when their services aren’t to your own liking.

Every plan includes complimentary 2-hour launching assistance, meaning that in motion’s platform admins assist you to move your own quite happy without downtime or work with you with some installment questions that you have.

HostGator is an established hosting company with all useful features with regards to dedicated servers. They supply you with a managed hosting solution using competitive pricing however, be ready to pay for more after the very first phase.

HostGator has datacenters in the USA only. Their performance within the previous 8 weeks isn’t something we had expected to see out of a well-established hosting supplier. The average rate was just ~1090ms, which will be below the operation some of those additional providers have with this particular specific list. Their uptime was 99.86percent since they underwent two hrs of downtime over the previous two weeks.

HostGator provides both Windows and Linux Windows configurated servers to coordinate with your wants. You access a free control panel using both settings, cPanel and WHM using Linux and Plesk along with WebMatrix using Windows.

You obtain 1TB of both all HDD disc distance and just have the choice of deciding upon an SSD disc using higher-tier plans.

Additionally, you receive access to databases that are infinite. Since HostGator delivers a controlled hosting solution they track your servers 24/7 and offer automatic updates directly from the beginning.


Nevertheless, consumer care experience is a bit suspicious.

After we achieved with their service, we have attached to some representative on our next effort. The service has been helpful together with all our first questions but left us hanging with all the follow-up questions.

All in all, the HostGator support isn’t very reliable, however, you do receive your responses once you complete them. But, that is not the ability you’re expecting in the competitive hosting realm.


HostGator’s dedicated hosting plans begin with $89.98per month having a last-minute devotion. That really is a serious bargain taking into consideration the worth you obtain with the lowest plan, but you must be ready to pay for a normal amount of $189/month for your renewal interval.

They do provide a choice to pay monthly, however, also the prices start from $159.99monthly, and this is quite pricey. Regrettably, HostGator does not provide you any money-back guarantees. You might be better off wanting their services for a single month at a greater cost and switching to a more devotion to keep down the costs.

Bluehost is just really actually a dependable dedicated hosting provider having a fantastic bang for your buck. Their servers aren’t as successful as a few of the other dedicated server providers’ with this checklist, however, you acquire a few exceptional features for a relatively minimal price.

Bluehost has data centers all over the globe with the policy in the united states, EU, and Asia. Their up time is practically perfect, using 99.99percent and merely per moment of downtime at the last two weeks. The operation can be reliable, having a normal rate of ~720ms throughout precisely exactly the exact same period.

They simply offer Linux configured servers, however, they will have included a totally completely free C-Panel subscription with every strategy that will allow you to manage your dedicated server easily.

Additionally, you receive 500GB of all HDD disc distance, which isn’t much, also believing they don’t really provide you an SSD disc with this very minimal storage. Your bandwidth can be capped at 5TB, which needs to be sufficient for some small and midsize organizations.

A number of the primary features would be the normal origin and SSH access and RAID1 mirrored storage. In addition to this free C-Panel mentioned earlier in the day, in addition, you receive yourself a free SSL certificate to simply just consider off some hassle away from the own costs. Nevertheless, the plans will be all overlooking the industry-standard DDoS protection.


Bluehost delivers a 24/7 phone and chat service with every strategy. But after multiple efforts during the very first afternoon, we neglected to be in contact with them with the live chat role. It might’ve turned into a challenge with the live chat applications throughout our inspection, however, if the issue is reoccurring, you’re better off calling them right back.

We tried the very next day again and have joined with a rep in a couple of minutes. Their answers were so fast, short, and right to the purpose, and that’s what you’d expect from good consumer support.

In general, if Bluehost’s live chat function does not fail, you secure yourself a speedy and uncomplicated answer.


It has a serious bargain though their lower-tier plans miss a few features and power that one other host provider is offering (for a high price). If you should be looking to cover monthly for the dedicated host, then make sure you pay for double the best cost, then beginning at $149.99monthly.

But they supply the whole 30day money-back warranty, and also you also receive yourself a completely free domain name for the first year together with them.

DreamHost is still among the earliest website hosting companies around the world, but this does not create sure they are obsolete. Their hosting is sold with an integrated controller panel, adequate servers, and web server observation to produce your loyal servers easy touse. They truly are also fully-managed, therefore if you should be trying to find a separate host with the smallest amount of hassle, then subsequently DreamHost got you covered.

Their datacenters are simply situated in America. If it comes to operation, the previous 8 weeks have not proven that amazing outcome. The normal rate was ~1120ms, which will be compared with different providers within our checklist. Their up time had been 99.87percent since they suffered two weeks of regeneration disperse over the quantified two weeks.

DreamHost provides dedicated servers using Linux setup just, nevertheless, you obtain access with their easy-to-use built-in panel made specifically to get Linux servers.

Nonetheless, you secure an adequate 1TB of both all HDD disc distance and boundless bandwidth directly from the start. Additionally, you get one dedicated ip address together using the lowest-tier program.

The principal features are origin and SSH access, DDoS security, RAID1 storage, along 24/7 server monitoring. If you should be using data bases, then in addition, you receive yourself a native MySQL Database server as part of every program.


DreamHost offers 24/7 technical aid with their hosting plans that are dedicated. But when digging a little deeper, you will learn that the chat option is available from 5:30 AM to 9:30 PM Pacific time, seven days every week.

Besides live-chat, you are left with building a ticket or trying to locate a way through conversing with a robot.

In general, Dreamhost’s promise to possess 24/7 support isn’t the only real service option that we’re utilized to when this means creating a ticket 24/7. Alas, the knowledge falls underneath the typical customer care abilities that we’ve seen previously.


DreamHost’s dedicated hosting plans begin with $149/month having a one-time dedication. But, their yearly price starts from $169/month, that will ben’t a huge difference in case you would rather never to produce long-term obligations. Additionally, simply because they’ve got an in-house built board, you also may not be amazed at any additional costs when it has to do with the panels.

It’s pricier compared to the bottom program, nevertheless, you receive greater performance together along with your fully-managed dedicated host.

Every plan includes a support level agreement of a 100% uptime guarantee.

A 2 hosting has committed hosting plans to get both managed and controlled servers, according to what you want. If you are searching for a terrific deal on the unmanaged dedicated host, then a 2 Hosting may be your thing to do. But if handled servers are far somewhat more for you personally, you then could be better off with another person.

Their up time is near flawless, using 99.99percent and just 4 minutes of downtime on the previous two weeks. But throughout precisely exactly the exact identical interval, their rate performance was not good, but using an average loading time of ~1220ms, that’s the worst effect on the list.

They simply offer Linux configured servers, along with the waiver program, you have to pick your os to decide on this. But, there isn’t any controller panel coming together with the escrow strategy, in comparison with this managed plan.

A 2 Hosting’s easy-to-use program includes an adequate 8GB of RAM, however just with a 3.1GHz chip with two CPU cores. Additionally, you receive 1TB of both HDD disc distance and also 2 dedicated IP addresses.

The principal features would be the industry standard origin and SSH access, DDoS security, and RAID1 storage for copies. An excellent improvement is a choice to comprise a Cloudflare CDN addition to an own server if you want it.


A 2 Hosting does give you a 24/7 support feature, however just using their restricted hosting plans. It’s clear since they expect the consumer to create web development and managing expertise using their un-managed plan.

Their customer care team’s answer took a couple of minutes, however, they truly have been accommodating and understand exactly what they were referring to. In addition, they took the opportunity to spell out their ceremony beside the very first question.

In general, we needed a fantastic customer care experience with a 2 Hosting, plus so they help you with any questions or issues you might have.


A 2 Hosting’s lowest price is 99.59/month having a one-time dedication and also an unmanaged dedicated host. The very exact same plan using a payment starts at $124.49monthly.

But should you plan to acquire yourself a cPanel, then you’re better off considering their server plans, which start at $129.30per month and also have a C-Panel subscription included. Additionally, you receive an SSD disc (with lower-volume ), 24/7 technical support, and system tracking, nevertheless lose the main entry together with the lowest handled plan.

There is an all-time money-back guarantee with each plan, and additionally, a 99.9% up time warranty comprised. What’s more, a 2 Hosting migrates your website at no cost if you desire it.

Inter-server supplies a huge array of customizable solutions for the servers at low rates. Their service can be trustworthy and performs quite neatly no matter being among the most economical options.

Their datacenters are simply situated in America. On the operation side, their loading period throughout the previous two weeks has been at an adequate ~520ms typically. The up time has been nearly perfect, using 99.99percent and just 1-2 minutes of outages as a whole.

Inter-server supplies dedicated servers using Linux and Windows settings, but you must be ready to fork out extra to the latter. You are also ready to decide on the desirable operating System for the own server from a vast selection of options.

In terms of the storage, then you are able to select from 2TB of either HDD or even 250GB of all SDD storage. The latter is much faster but has a serious minimal price. But, you are confined by 10TB of bandwidth, which ought to be enough for ordinary small to medium organizations’ needs.

The principal features are standard origin and SSH access, DDoS security, and also 24/7 server bandwidth tracking. But, there isn’t any RAID-1 storage comprised without picking another disc together along with your plan, that costs extra.


Inter-server offers 24/7 technical aid to their dedicated servers. But in the event that you should be obtaining an agenda with no control panel, then they simply support system re-installs and hardware problems. Together side a control panel, their service expands to repairing any ceremony which isn’t working out.

Finding a reply in their service team took a couple of minutes, however, they answered our questions. But, their service representative did miss a few questions we had to inquire.

In general, inter-server’s support might possibly be improved, since it usually takes some time to find all of your questions answered. That is especially when you want to replicate your own questions.


As an instance, the purchase price for cPanel access costs you an additional $34/month. But in the event that you should be better off dealing with the command line port, then hosting options continue to be fantastic value for the money.

Interserve’s dedicated hosting includes a 99.9% uptime guarantee, which they also maintain, as seen from the statistics.


GoDaddy is also certainly one of the most significant brands on hosting and hosting also will be offering reliable services as soon as it comes to dedicated servers. Their promotion is topnotch, however, we found it is critical to be conscious of the renewal and extra costs which may come together using their own aims.

Their data centers are in the united states, EU, and Asia, which supplies them with exceptional policy. They have an adequate uptime of 99.98percent, together with just 17 minutes of downtime quantified in the previous two weeks. The operation can also be quite decent, having an average loading time of ~530ms on the previous month or two.

There isn’t any charge panel added to all the plans, however, you are ready to put in a cPanel or Plesk subscription through GoDaddy should you require it.

Additionally, you receive 1TB of both all HDD disc distance and unmetered bandwidth should you never violate their Hosting Agreement, they assert which infrequently happens — but always read the fine print. Additionally, you obtain one dedicated ip with a self-managed plan, which upgrades to 3 whenever you select a controlled plan.

In terms of the primary attributes, you have the typical root access (just with the self-managed plan), DDoS security, and RAID1 storage as the default option. Additionally, they provide 24/7 uptime tracking and deliver you a totally completely free 1-year SSL certification with every strategy.


Their support is available 24/7 on the telephone and will be expanded with all the managed dedicated server plans. But when opting to get a home-based dedicated host, they’ll expect one to own an internet programmer who will do it all themselves.

The very first reply from their support team was quite quick, however, it required a few efforts to find the answers to the ideal questions. Additionally, it seemed they were also ready for template responses but fought somewhat when asked follow-up or erroneous questions.

All in all, the client support for GoDaddy might possibly be improved in technical terms, however, you are given a friendly welcome way.


The lowest plan starts at $79.99per month and features a 2-year devotion. But, listen this price drops to $174.99per month following the preliminary period. If you should be much more comfortable to pay for monthly, then plans start at $159.99monthly.

You have the possibility to bring a C-Panel subscription together along with your dedicated host for an exact cost-effective price of 15/month. The upgrade carries you by the self-managed intend to the handled plan with additional tracking, upgrades, and copies. If you aren’t comfortable with doing server direction yourself, then we then suggest adding the alternative without a doubt.

Hostwinds supplies funding dedicated hosting services which you may customize based on what you need. Nevertheless, the reduced prices additionally think on several missing normal features that a number of the additional providers comprise as default option. The inexpensive cost additionally marginally reflects up on the operation.

Their data centers are only situated in America, Dallas, and Seattle. The uptime in the previous two weeks was 99.99percent, with just one moment of downtime in total. But, their operation is utterly lacking, using an average loading time of ~1120ms, which will be below the market standard.

The plans do not incorporate a control panel, however, you are in a position to sign up to cPanel, Plesk, or even CWP throughout the HostWinds port, for an additional price.

Additionally, you receive 1TB of both HDD disc space and also a total of dedicated IP addresses.

The principal features are lacking from the default option plans, nevertheless, you also need the choice to put in them separately to get an affordable price. You might also need a choice to find cloud copies being an addon for a minimal cost tag of $1/month.


HostWinds’ support is available 24/7 via phone, chat, or even perhaps a ticket system and also can be added to each program. Their answer period is topnotch, and also the agents can be knowledgeable and eager to assist you with any questions that you may have.

It is possible to get straightforward replies but having enough detail to provide you with a more complete picture of things you search for. This is something we all enjoyed, and it generated a superb service experience.

In general, HostWinds’s support is extremely proficient and focused on working for you with whatever you want.


Even the plans begin with $79.50per month, which is without the long term commitment, There isn’t any control panel added to all the plans, nevertheless, you also need the choice of shopping for it manually via Hostwinds.

Ergo, in the event that you should be searching to receive every one of the elementary features like DDoS security, RAID storage, 24/7 tracking, and C-Panel, as an instance, then you are taking a look at a starting price of approximately $175/month.


Dedicated hosting provides a special service when high-profile performance and rates are crucial to your sites. Such specifications benefit lots of small to midsize organizations out of supreme quality photography sites to freelancer sites and every thing between.

The expense of having dedicated servers is significantly more than additional hosting types however for a fantastic reason. You are getting absolute solitude, top-tier servers, so heaps of host tools, and also complete control over your own host if you choose. You won’t need to spend money on owning your own servers, notably since a little or midsize small enterprise, but get ensured server tools coming back your path.

The principal differences fall to your own expertise and the amount of participation in managing your dedicated host. Yet another aspect to think about is that the tools that you desire and deciding upon the dedicated host provider which may absolutely service those demands.