April 17, 2020

Guide On How To Use Your Xbox One Controller On PC

Joann Henry

If you’re new to PC gaming or simply just prefer having a controller pad over mouse and a computer mouse, and then you are in luck. It’s simple to catch your self a control and hook it up so you feel at home with something recognizable, or simply may transition easily.

If it involves competitive online gambling, it’s worth noting that you could end up at a disadvantage when employing a controller pad contrary to players with a mouse and keyboard, however, so long as you are using a fantastic time and do not feel uneasy, you should elect for the favorite method.

And needless to say, controls are fantastic for single-player games sprinkled over out of consoles, which are optimized for that specific controller strategy, especially when it has to do with x box Play Anywhere names which allow you to play games on either the x box One and Windows 10-pc so long as you’ve purchased generously on the platform.

So with that said, how can you join your x-box One control for your personal computer? So let us have a peek, you have a couple of options available at Of course in the event that you require it, here’s our guide to this best gaming PC options in 20-19, and also the best x box One accessories.

USB Cable

For an option that is fast, grab a micro USB cable. You ought to be certain it’s maybe perhaps not just really a cable, however, the most wires are not confined by this functionality that is. This is the very first thing if you are having issues.

Twist 1 end in your PC into your controller mat and another, and then you are off. Windows-10 PCs will recognize that the control directly away, whereas Windows-7 and Windows 8.1 will automatically install and download the right drivers that won’t take long.

Check your Device Manager for upgrades if you are running into issues. It might possibly be it’s not put to download updates. To do this, just look for Device Manager, choose Microsoft X Box One Controller, then choose and right-click Update Driver Pc Computer Software hit Hunt Automatically for Up-dated Computer Software.

Windows-10 will permit you to join to eight controller programs, whereas Windows-7 and also Windows 8.1 will limit four. There isn’t any sound service for those controls on Windows-7 or even Windows 8.1, forget about looking to plug into a headset.

Windows-10 does encourage sound, however, there are not any still limits. If you are using the range of pads, x box Chat Headsets you are able to join four and drops. You may join two pads if you are using x box Stereo headsets.

Wireless Adaptor

If your personal computer does not always have x box Wireless built-in, then plug it, then you are going to have to grab an Xbox Wireless adapter for Windows. Much like the cable option, Windows will automatically download and then install the drivers that are relevant.

Turn by simply pressing and pressing Guide button at the centre, press the boot button before Guide button collapses, permitting you to know your controller is directly attached, found on top of the mat.

In the event that you own x box Stereo Headsets plugged 34, Windows-10 will let you hook eight wireless controls, in case you are using two, and x box Chat head-sets falling to four.

Blue Tooth

Perhaps not all x box One controls support, which means you will need to assess if yours fits the bill or not. Have a peek. It will not have support In case it goes from the top side of this control around and down the Guide button.

Where the bumpers are located news In the event the plastic at the very top is restricted by some strip! Blue tooth is supported by your control. Have a peek at the graphic below for clarification. The control near the peak of the picture doesn’t need support.

Turn by pressing on the Guide button in the midst, press and press the refresh button to get a couple of seconds. Switch on to a PC and go to additional apparatus and also Settings blue tooth. Make certain it’s switched, along with your control will appear as being a blue tooth apparatus that is discoverable.

Choose the hit on and control Pair, and you are all set. When utilizing a blue tooth, you may join a control, and also you also will not have the ability to work with a headset.


We now have addressed however it’s well worth checking to see whether the control is up to date if you are still having issues. You certainly can certainly do this manually or using a cable via your computer, or even onto your own x box One games button.

Wireless upgrade via games

Provided that you have this particular procedure can be followed by you. The pads will probably have a 3.5millimeter jack at the floor. You will need to upgrade it In case it willn’t. Be certain your console is all up so far to begin with then press the Guide button.

Navigate to Kinect, System and apparatus, Devices and attachments, and also then select. Hit on Device advice, tick the Firmware version package, and then choose Continue. Job done.

USB via games

Connect your control into an x box One with a cable. An automated can look. Follow these and don’t disconnect the cable or your controller throughout the procedure. Follow the guidelines from the Wireless upgrade via section above, In case the popup does not appear.

PC upgrade

This way is related with Windows-10. Unless you possess it 20, you will have to get into the x box Accessories program. Join your control or using an X Box Wireless Adapter. If an upgrade is needed by your controller pad, then a prompt will be suggesting that the upgrade is required, here, Megamods, you can find more information about Xbox one controllers. Instead, hit on the Options button at the program.